Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max 7,4kW

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The Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim 7.4kW with Type 2 cable or Type 2 socket is a charging station for electric and plug-in hybrid cars. The Wallbox 7.4kW is perfect for home use as well as commercial applications. The device comes with a dedicated mobile app, allowing remote management of the charging session. The Green Wallbox 2 Pro charger features smart charging functions, enabling the car to be powered by solar panels.

Learn more about the 7,4kW wallbox:

Maximum power: 7.4kW

Number of phases: 1

Rated current: 32A

Designed and manufactured in Poland.

Mobile app | Smart charging | Replaceable front panel

Power: 7kW
Cable lenght: Type 2 Socket
Warranty: 3 years door-to-door
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Compatible with all cars with Type 2 socket - Learn more >

Cable lenght: Type 2 Socket
Warranty: 3 years door-to-door

Control charging from anywhere on Earth.

One account for multiple devices

Manage multiple chargers from a single account. This is a great option for offices or guest charging points.

Preview of current charging session

Set the power and start charging. In addition, at a glance you get the most important parameters for the current charging session - charging power, charging time and the amount of charged current.

Schedule charging

Charge your car on a set schedule, such as during a better price tariff or during the production of energy from photovoltaic panels. Set a convenient time for you: day or even hour.

Control access

The device can be locked and only your designated users will have access to it.

In addition, if the user has an NFC card assigned to his account - he will also unlock the device with it.

Review your charge or settle with guests

From the app, you will approach the most important information about your charging sessions so you can find out exactly how much it cost you to charge in the last month or account for charging with guests.

Charging history is only available on devices that are constantly connected to a WiFi network.

You can download app on iOS or Android

Learn More about Green Wallbox Mobile App

Smart charging

smarter way to charge your electric car 

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) monitors available energy resources and adjusts charging power among devices in real-time. If high-energy devices are active, DLB can lower car charging power to prevent overloading the network.

Eco charging

The eco charging feature ensures electric vehicles charge primarily when the solar system generates enough energy. This maximizes renewable energy usage and minimizes reliance on the electrical grid.

Within eco charging, there are two modes:

Standard mode - when there is no surplus from the solar installation, the car charges at 6A. When surplus energy is available, the charging rate increases.

Green mode - activates only when there is surplus energy from the installation (minimum 6A surplus).

Group charging available soon

Group charging 

Group charging allows multiple electric vehicles to charge simultaneously using a single charging system. This feature is designed for multi-bay parking lots but is also useful in residential settings, such as when there's a need to charge two electric vehicles at once.

Group charging manages available power and distributes it among devices actively charging vehicles. The charging rate adjusts based on the number of vehicles connected.

Smart charging is intelligent functions that automate, optimize, and improve the efficiency of charging electric cars. Smart charging is a key element in integrating electric vehicles into modern energy networks, contributing to more sustainable energy use.

Learn More about smart charging

Safety in mind

For safety: yours and car's

We care about the safety of you, your car and the installation. That's why Green Wallbox 2 Pro has a number of safety features.

The waterproof and dustproof design allows for outdoor installations.
RCD AC 30mA / DC 6mA - it will detects AC and DC leakage.
The device has 3 temperature sensors and in the cable version there is additional in the plug. In case of overheating, the charging power will be reduced or turned off.
By default, the device has a Plug&Play mode and charging will start when the plug is inserted into the car. You can disable the P&P mode and authorize charging with a mobile app, NFC card or give access to another person.

3 or 5 year warranty

We are confident in our products that's why we provide a 3-year door-to-door warranty. You can also extend warranty up to 5 years.

Awarded design

Our minimalist and timeless wallbox design was appreciated in the prestigious Red Dot Award 2024 competition.

The Green Wallbox 2 Pro compels with its combination of sophisticated functionality with a high-quality, elegant appearance.

Personalize your Green Wallbox 2 Pro charger

As standard, Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim and Max are equipped with a black front made of matt glass. Replaceable fronts are also available - made of natural materials, such as wood or stone.

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Made in Poland

Green Wallbox 2 Pro series devices were designed and manufactured in Poland. This is a guarantee of reliability and compliance with the highest safety standards. The chargers also receive ongoing support and new features in line with user demand.

Specification of Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim

Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim 7.4kW

Max power:


Phases: 1


Integrated 6 or 10 meters Type 2 cable


314 / 224 / 76 mm

Connection: Bluetooth and WiFi

Mobile App:

Green Wallbox (iOS / Android)

Access control:

Mobile App / NFC Card


Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim 22kW

Max power:


Phases: 3


Integrated 6 or 10 meters Type 2 cable


314 / 224 / 76 mm

Connection: Bluetooth and WiFi

Mobile App:

Green Wallbox (iOS / Android)

Access control:

Mobile App / NFC Card


Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim 11kW

Max power:


Phases: 3


Integrated 6 or 10 meters Type 2 cable


314 / 224 / 76 mm

Connection: Bluetooth and WiFi

Mobile App:

Green Wallbox (iOS / Android)

Access control:

Mobile App / NFC Card


Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure which cable fits your needs? Read our answers to frequently asked questions or contact customer service >

What is the difference between the Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim and the Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max?

The difference between the 2 Pro Slim and the 2 Pro Max is the size and the way the car is connected for charging.
2 Pro Slim is thinner (76mm) and is available with an integrated 6 or 10 meter Type 2 cable.
2 Pro Max device is thicker (130mm) and is available with a Type 2 Socket or an integrated 6 / 10 meter Type 2 cable. The cable version also has a plug holder on the side of the device.

What is the maximum charging power?

The maximum charging power depends on:

  1. The selected device (1-phase - 7.4kW or 3-phase 11kW and 22kW)
  2. The maximum charging power of the car (each car has been equipped by the manufacturer with On Board Charger - OBC, which manages the charging power of the vehicle and determines the maximum charging power). Before choosing a device, make sure which OBC has been installed in your car. You can get this information from your car dealer or contact customer service.

Charging power can also depend on the current temperature or state of charge of the car.

Can I give multiple users access to the charger?

Yes, just make sure that anyone you want to give access to creates an account in the app - you will be able to share the charger with that person.

Can I use the Green Wallbox 2 Pro without using the app?

Yes, the standard configured device does not require installing a mobile app. Just plug in the device and connect the car for charging to begin.

Is WiFi required to use the mobile app?

You can also set the parameters of the charger with Bluetooth connection. However, you will not be able to view the charger remotely and you will not see the charging history.

Which maximum charging power should I choose?

Power selection should be adjusted based on two factors:

  1. The installation to which you are connecting the device. If it is a single-phase installation - choose a 7.4kW device (11kW and 22kW devices can also operate on a single phase, in which case their maximum powers are 3.6kW for 11kW and 7.4kW for 22kW). For a 3-phase installation, it is recommended to choose an 11kW or 22kW unit. It is also important to keep in mind the contract with the power supplier, which may specify the maximum power consumption (e.g. 16kW - in this situation choose an 11kW device). In addition, the cross-section of the cable to which you connect the device is important. For 7.4kW this is 3x6mm2, for 11kW 5x2.5mm2, and for 22kW 5x6mm2.
    If you are not sure about the above, consult an authorized electrician about the choice of device.
  2. A secondary is the car's charging capability determined by its OBC (On Board Charger). For plug-in hybrids, the usual maximum charging power is 3.6kW or 7.4kW. For fully electric cars, it's usually 7.4kW or 11kW, in some cases 22kW. You can find out what the maximum charging power of your vehicle is from your vehicle dealer or contact customer service.

    A 22kW device can charge vehicles with an OBC of 11kW however, the charging power will be a maximum of 11kW. Also 11kW can charge car with 7.4kW OBC but it will charge 3.6kW.

Plese contact customer service for more informations