About us

Who are we?

Green Wallbox is a young Polish company that was founded in 2020. We have recognized that the domestic market lacks solutions that respond to the changing needs of drivers. So we decided to provide chargers and accessories ready for future challenges.

Who do we work for?

Our mission is to provide every user with the best possible solution for charging an electric car from its own installation.

What are we guided by?

In our daily work, we focus on transparency, partnership and guidance. We believe that user experience and our knowledge can contribute to products that are smart, durable and simply – the best in their category.

What drives us?

A better, greener future. We know that change is needed today, so we’re looking for solutions to charge your electric car safely and efficiently.

Why us?

Here should be an enigmatic advertising slogan.

But it doesn’t.

Because we prefer to simply act.

We give you a guarantee on all the products in our range, and also provide you with advice and care before, during and after the purchasing process.

Our story

Launch of the Green Wallbox project

2nd quarter 2020

The electromobility market was just slowly crawling when we saw the need to provide charging solutions for electric cars. In Q2, we found the right supplier to meet our technical and stylistic requirements and set to work on creating the Green Wallbox brand.Initially, from a small garage in the center of Krakow, all the equipment was inspected by us and shipped to customers.

Launch of PocketBox mobile charger

June 2021

Customers have brought to our attention the need for mobile solutions. The answer to these inquiries is the PocketBox mobile charger, which can serve as both a home stationary charger and a companion on any trip. Interchangeable adapters allow you to charge in any location regardless of what outlet you have.

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Green Wallbox Smart

August 2021

We have introduced a new type of device that can be controlled via a mobile app.

Custom solution

December 2021

Many thousands of hours of conversations with electric car users have brought us to one most important conclusion – everyone charges the car in their own way and everyone has different requirements for chargers. We then made the crucial decision to design our own charging station to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Start of work on new device

March 2022

In March, we began working together to design a suitable device. The goal was simple: the new Wallbox is to be universal, designed to accommodate as many users and companies as possible.We also focused on the appearance – the new device is supposed to attract attention but at the same time be minimalistic.

New warehouse and production hall

March 2023

With work on new projects nearing completion, we needed to increase our warehouse space to meet our needs.

New product launches

22 June 2023

On June 22, 2023, we officially and for the first time publicly unveiled our new products: Green Wallbox EV Cable and Green Wallbox 2 Pro.Both the cables and chargers are designed and manufactured in Poland.

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