Mobile app for Green Wallbox 2 Pro charging station

Discover a new level of convenience and explore the features of our mobile app.

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Why you should download it?

Easy to use
Data in one place
Control charging 24/7
WiFi remote control

See what the Green Wallbox mobile app can do:

Control center

One account for multiple devices

Manage multiple chargers from a single account. This is a great option for offices or guest charging points.

Under your control

Preview of current charging session

Set the power and start charging. In addition, at a glance you get the most important parameters for the current charging session - charging power, charging time and the amount of charged current.


Full control over the device - in one place

All of the device's settings - from name to user access - can be accessed from the mobile app.

Smart charging

Intelligent charging of your car

The mobile app will allow you to set up intelligent charging modes such as - Dynamic Power Management or ECO charging.

Learn more about Smart Charging

Schedule charging

Charge your car on a set schedule, such as during a better price tariff or during the production of energy from photovoltaic panels. Set a convenient time for you: day or even hour.

Charging history

Review your charge or settle with guests

From the app, you will approach the most important information about your charging sessions so you can find out exactly how much it cost you to charge in the last month or account for charging with guests.

Charging history is only available on devices that are constantly connected to a WiFi network.


Control access

The device can be locked and only your designated users will have access to it.

In addition, if the user has an NFC card assigned to his account - he will also unlock the device with it.

Light settings

Control the backlight of the device

You can switch the device's backlight to rainbow mode (in standby) or turn off the backlight completely.


Updates remote

The Green Wallbox 2 Pro is a constantly evolving device. You will get new features thanks to the possibility of remote update (both over WiFi and Bluetooth)


Receive notifications

The most important information - the start and end of charging. You will learn about them without opening the mobile app thanks to the activation of notifications.