Eastron SDM630-Modbus V2 - Electricity meter for smart charging

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An electricity meter is required to activate the smart-charging function:

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) - allows the charging power to be controlled according to the current load generated by the other devices in the installation.

Eco charging - allows an electric car to be charged only from surplus photovolatics.

The electricity meter for smart charging of an electric car should be installed at the power input to the house. For proper connection, you will also need an RJ10 cable (or Ethernet terminated on the wallbox side with an RJ10 connector)

Moc: 100A
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Compatible with Green Wallbox 2 Pro Slim and Green Wallbox 2 Pro Max products.

Moc: 100A

Dynamic Load Balancing

Safely charge your vehicle in consideration of the power consumed by other consumers in your home system.

Green Wallbox 2 Pro using the Intelligent Meter will lower the charging power accordingly while you are cooking or the heat pump is running.

Eco charging - use the potential of your installation and increase self-consumption

In Eco charging mode, you can charge your vehicle with surplus power returned to the grid from your own photovoltaic system. Charging will start when you give electricity to the grid.


Group charging - synchronize the charging power of several charging stations

In group charging mode, you will connect several devices so that the available charging power is dynamically distributed among them.

Have 2 or more electric cars at home but can't increase the power of the connection? With the group charging function, you can charge both cars at night without worrying if you exceed the available power in your installation.