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Meet PocketBox Pro - mobile charger for your EV

Meet PocketBox Pro - mobile charger for your EV

The rising interest in electric cars reflects the growing need for creative solutions in the electric vehicle industry. While we usually highlight our goal of offering users the optimal home charging solution, it's also important to explore options for charging your car while on the move. That's why we're excited to introduce the PocketBox Pro – our portable car charger! Learn more about it and how it can benefit you.

The all-purpose EV charger

The PocketBox Pro is a 3-in-1 device that serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a wallbox at home or corporate building. Also, thanks to dedicated adapter, you can easily use it as a regular Type 2 cable. The PocketBox Pro is the ideal companion for your journeys – it's a portable electric vehicle charger that allows you to charge in almost any conditions: at home, at public charging stations, on camping trips, or even at your friends' property.
Thanks to swappable adapters, you can charge in nearly any location worldwide. Pretty cool, right? 🙂

mobile ev charger

PocketBox Pro - Technical Specs 

The device comes with additional adapters, providing more charging options when conditions are less than favorable. What specific adapters are included in the set?

  • Schuko
  • 3-phase plug CEE 16 A 
  • 3-phase plug CEE 32A 
  • 1-phase plug 16A (black)
  • 1-phase plug 32A (blue)
  • Plus, a Type 2 adapter (male) for public charging stations.


pocketbox pro - mobile ev charger
Maximum charging power is 16 kW for 3 phases and 7.4 kW for 1 phase. The PocketBox Pro comes with a 6-meter cable and a protective bag. 

Why you should have PocketBox Pro in your car boot? 

The PocketBox Pro is ready for any conditions. The question is: are the conditions ready for the PocketBox? 😎 But on a serious note, this device is designed for those who don't want to compromise on their travels and often cover longer distances. However, it's not limited to that! As mentioned, it's more than just a mobile charger for electric cars. It's also an alternative to a home wallbox charging station. You can also use the PocketBox as a Type 2 cable. We want our devices to provide more freedom and not be exclusive to a handful of people. That's why we created one device that combines three different functions.


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